Chemical industry, polymers
Chempribor, LLC

Chemical lab equipment

Company established in 2011

TIN: 4027104519

Cyclotron, CJSC

Cyclotron radionuclide products

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4025037793

ERGA, Research & Production Company

NdFeB-based (neodim-iron-boron) permanent magnets; magnetic separators and guard magnets; magnetic systems and devices; recycling lines; industrial metal detectors

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4029003636

Geoenergetica, Research and Production Complex LLC

Antifriction wear-resistant nanocomposite coatings

Company established in 2005

TIN: 4028033878

New Energy, MPO

Plastic products manufactuting

Company established in 2002

TIN: 4009005956