Automotive industry, shipbuilding, transport
Autoplus, LLC

Transport services

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4025045635

Bonus, LLC

Manufacture and sales of service station equipment

Company established in 1993

TIN: 4011005939

ERGA, Research & Production Company

NdFeB-based (neodim-iron-boron) permanent magnets; magnetic separators and guard magnets; magnetic systems and devices; recycling lines; industrial metal detectors

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4029003636

Feal-Technology, LLC

Development and production of articles and equipment using amorphous alloy ribbons as well as amorphous ribbons themselves

Company established in 2002

TIN: 4027057435

Inteh, Research and Production Company LLC

Automotive rear-view mirrors

Company established in 1990

TIN: 4025004815

Kaluga LITC Ц Shared Center, Non-Profit Partnership

Laser technologies and equipment

Company established in 2008

TIN: 4025419295

Kiselnikov Y.A., Individual Entrepreneurs

International automobile transport

Company established in 2000

TIN: 402900498048

RASTR-Technology, LLC

Machine-building for printing industry: production of punching tooling (flat and rotary)

Company established in 1999

TIN: 4025051614

TransDetal, LLC

The company sells by wholesale of repair parts for railway equipment and components for oil-and-gas production equipment

Company established in 2006

TIN: 4027075272