Instrument engineering, industrial electronics
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Algont, CJSC

Intelligent safety systems and tools for comprehensive solution of tasks related to protection, defense and support of critical and potentially hazardous facilities

Company established in 1989

TIN: 4029008497

Argal, LLC

Development and production of materials used in electronics industry

Company established in 2010

TIN: 4027099033

Cyclotron, CJSC

Cyclotron radionuclide products

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4025037793

Energomash, CJSC

Manufacture of automotive components

Company established in 1996

TIN: 4029015550


Design and production of proximity switches and instruments for processes automation

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4028014593

MeGaEpitech, LLC

Engineering and manufacture of GaAlAs/GaAs heterostructures used in optoelectronic and power electronic devices using liquid-phase epitaxy (LPE) method

Company established in 2007

TIN: 4027079630

Microelectronics Design-engineering Bureau, CJSC

A high-precision temperature sensor with output current proportional to absolute temperature

Company established in 2003

TIN: 4027060290

Obninsk Thermo Electrical Company, LLC

Production of testers and metering devices for physical values measurements

Company established in 2003

TIN: 4025075245

ObninskEnergoTech, Closed Joint-Stock Company

Engineering and manufacture of equipment used for maintenance of power distribution systems

Company established in 2000

TIN: 4025056387

Prompribor, SPA

Manufacturing of water and heat energy consumption equipment

Company established in 1992

TIN: 4027008935

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