Construction, construction materials
Agrigaspolymer, LLC

PVC and PE pipes production

Company established in 1994

TIN: 4025409836

Alcotek Trading House, LLC

Production and marketing of Alcotek aluminum composite panels

Company established in 2005

TIN: 4028034470

Cameo, LLC

Fireplace, stairs and furniture manufacture

Company established in 1990

TIN: 4026005184

Chernysheno Timber Plant, OJSC

Birch plywood

Company established in 1992

TIN: 4005001020

Duminichi Plant, CJSC

Manufacture and sale of articles to water supply and sewerage systems made of polyethylene and cast iron

Company established in 1992

TIN: 4005000883

Energomash-Kaluga, LLC

Pipelines and town utilities

Company established in 2001

TIN: 4028024915

ERGA, Research & Production Company

NdFeB-based (neodim-iron-boron) permanent magnets; magnetic separators and guard magnets; magnetic systems and devices; recycling lines; industrial metal detectors

Company established in 1991

TIN: 4029003636

Europan Doors, LLC

Manufacture of sheet plywood and partition doors used in furniture industry and construction

Company established in 2010

TIN: 4007015719

GEO, Production Cooperative

Geotechnical, environmental and earth surveying services

Company established in 1988

TIN: 402601225


Manufacture of paper- and cardboard-based honeycomb fillers

Company established in 1993

TIN: 4009002521