Company profile

Limited liability company «Alcotek Trading House»

Company established in 2005

CEO: Nadezhda Postolakiy

Address: 248023, Russia, Kaluga, Friedrich Engels St, 22
Phone/fax: +7 (4842) 57 80 80, 59 94 70

TIN: 4028034470
OKVED: 51.53.24

Activities of the company:

Alcotek® aluminum composite panels are widely used for the systems of ventilated facades and interior finishing in civil engineering.

The Company's competitive advantages:

Complete cycle of panels commercial production, including painting of aluminum skin. Our production line has a unique flexibility that allows for manufacturing practically any volumes of aluminum composite panels to meet the customer’s needs, including miniature batches (min 500 sq. m). This, however, does not lead to significantly higher prices. 

Competitive pricing for this specific type of produce along with smart system of discount has made our company the supplier-of-choice preferred by hundreds of customers, including representatives of construction companies from Russian federation and near abroad. 

We manufacture composite aluminum panels using local quality raw materials and costly technologies of foreign make. This allows us to produce European quality goods that match the world renowned brand names. Stringent quality control is ensured at every stage, from inspection of raw materials to production of end products. 

Short turnaround capabilities, from a few days to 3-4 weeks, depending on the inventory and ordered volume, gives additional flexibility. Our customers can place additional order when needed which will be processed immediately, thus you are guaranteed your project will not be delayed or stalemated as a result of long waiting time. 

The facility is comfortable located just 110 miles away from Moscow, hence an opportunity of quick shipment to any location within the Russian Federation. Our developed network of dealers and regional warehouses permits to minimize the related logistical costs.  

When necessary, the Company can organize supplies of all components for suspended ventilated facades through its partners. 

Alcotek Trading House also offers other innovative façade materials having attractive quality and operational characteristics.

Being a trusted business partner Alkotek has been invariably fulfilling its contractual obligations and strictly observing the Law of the Russian Federation which serves a solid guarantee for all our customers.

The Company's technological advantages:

Our operation utilizes contemporary technologies which allow for running the full cycle of composite aluminum panels production, including painting the aluminum skin. Our maximum production capacity is estimated in excess of 2m square meters of panels per year.

Product supplies to foreign countries:
Armenia and Belarus.

Foreign countries of export interest:
Armenia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Western Europe.