Company profile

Closed joint-stock company Algont

Company established in 1989

General Director: Alexander Kondrtashev

Address: 248009, Russia, City of Kaluga, Grabtsevskoye chaussee St, 43
Phone/fax: +7 (4842) 58 07 07

TIN: 4029008497
OKVED: 29.24.9

Activities of the company:

Supplier of software and hardware, engineering, production and deployment of integrated security and life sustenance systems for all types of facilities. Startup and adjustment.

The Company's competitive advantages:

A hi-tech engineering company with a record of working on the security systems market over 20 years.

The company is based in Central Russia.

In-house production of security software and hardware.

The Company's technological advantages:

We provide a full scope of services for production of integrated security systems, starting from front-end engineering to adjustment and startup and pilot operation.

Own engineering and industrial base for design and manufacture of equipment.

Vast experience and potential available for conversion and integration of hardware manufactured by different producers into a solid full-functional system.

Investment offers and Company's needs:

  • In-house developed hardware for tight security of facilities, including antiterrorist security
  • In-house developed software for integration and control of security and life sustenance systems
  • A team of skilled professionals with vast background experience in building integrated security systems, including antiterrorist protection
  • In-house innovations and intelligent solutions to enhance antiterrorist security, operational safety and prevention of unauthorized removal of goods from construction site

Foreign countries of export interest:
Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe, China.